Direct Mail Marketing & Fundraising - Alexandria

SpeadMark provides direct mail marketing and fundraising services near Alexandria, VA to increase exposure to your business, and to help you reach past, present and potential customers. Regardless of whether you operate an established company, a new business or a non-profit organization, you can use this marketing tactic to create buzz for a local event, product, service, grand opening and more. We work with businesses of all types and customize marketing materials to suit each one.

Over the years, direct mail marketing has been used on a mass level. If you send to everyone, someone is bound to be interested and seek out your services, right? Technically, yes, but a professional marketing firm can find ways to target your audience so that you only send promotional materials to the right people. This ensures that you are appealing to those who may actually be interested in your business, which in turn eliminates unnecessary waste and saves you money.

We know that no two businesses are the same and the text, images, and even materials used should be unique to your brand and the message you want to portray. With the help of our copywriting and graphic design experts, we will come up with a direct mail marketing plan to give you maximum results.

Give us a call today to work with a professional marketing company for your direct mail marketing and fundraising needs near Alexandria, VA.