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The best way for a business to market their product or service is to discover the customer’s needs and then create a plan to service those needs. Expanding accommodate customers is possible if you focus on organic growth.

The best way for a business to market their product or service is to discover the customer’s needs and then create a plan to service those needs. Expanding accommodate customers is possible if you focus on organic growth.

This can be done in a variety of ways: acquiring more customers, finding ways to have customers to purchase more items, up selling your customers, and convincing them to buy profitable products. If you are able to accomplishing these tasks you will increase profits and revenue.

By find more clients or individuals that are interested in obtaining your product; you will see an increase because you will sell more items. If you can, in turn, persuade these people to buy more expensive things or profitable goods, this will also cause you to earn more money.

By creating a strategic marketing plan you will be able to find a larger customer base. If you are not sure how to accomplish this, you can ask the help of professionals, purchase software, or consult credible research through the web or library databases.

Lead generation is an important part of this; begin in your local area and make contacts through word of mouth and networking. Personal contacts are usually the best way to start a business, because you can have those that believe in you and your business mention it to those that they know, who will then do the same thing with their peers, and so on, this is called word of mouth advertising.

If it is appropriate and useful in your area, you could try soliciting: either cold calling on the phone, going door to door, or through other businesses. This is more of a grassroots type of marketing method, and can often be very effective and profitable, but you don’t want to overdo it.

A good way to reach individuals is by having a product that they want, and altering to fit their needs. Let those that create your products know which new type of audience or business you would like to gather, and they can possibly alter these items to be more attractive to this population.

Target marketing is very important to small business. Usually, only a proportion or section of a population is likely to want certain goods or items; you should try and recognize this, and advertise specifically to the type of crowd or cross section that is the most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Another important aspect is to price your goods and services competitively. There may be a disparity between what you think they are worth, the cost of creating it, and what others around you are charging for similar things.

It is very important that you take into consideration the costs to keep your business in production, storefront rents, demographics, and other competitors. Very often, this process can be a system of trial and error, but you should try and forecast these costs to the best of your ability.

When looking at the market you should keep the idea of supply and demand to help in your pricing model. It is very important to take into consideration the type of individuals that will look for the item; understanding their usual income level will also help you to price things in a way that will drive sales.

There are ways that you can help you advertise to a greater base of clientele without having to go into debt or bankruptcy. You can ask your vendors and associates if they would like to do some co-op advertising, or teaming up with them on events can really help spread the cost of advertising and help you reach a broader customer base.

Be sure to take care of the customers that you already have; send these individuals buying incentives and referral discounts. You can also send them thank you notes or coupons for frequent shopping and purchasing. Customer service is one of the most important keys to business.

Because the internet has become so widespread, you can make use of it; the good thing is, it may not cost you very much money at all. Social media marketing is a quick and cheap way to garner a larger client base.

Finding creative ways to sell your products and increase the amount of people that know about them is vital to the growth of a small company. The more innovative you become, the more likely you are to notice success and an increase in profits.

About the author: Janice Spellman

Janice is a Marketing Consultant at Speadmark. She has helped many businesses in Richmond and Washington DC grow through traditional and digital marketing and branding, using strategies that attract, engage, and convert.

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