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At the core of every public relations strategy is a press release. But what’s at the core of every press release? That’s a bit more complicated. Despite what the average marketer might tell you, there isn’t a precise formula for publishing a successful press release. Quite frankly, in recent years, it’s become more of an art.

Given the influx of high-speed information, media outlets, Facebook videos and just about any other Internet offspring you can think of, getting people’s attention in the modern age isn’t easy. And as marketer, it’s important to know the tricks of the trade before embarking on a public relations strategy that could eventually backfire.

Don’t worry, though. The folks at Speadmark have broken down the press release basics:

What’s the purpose of a press release?

Most people think the point of a press release is to get countless publications to pick up the plug. In practice, however, that scenario is rather rare because as we mentioned before, we’re living in an age of staggering media competition.

That said, you should be looking at a press release as a way to get your company in front of as many eyes as possible. Forget posting news to a wire, and assuming it will take off from there. What you most need to focus on is honing your press release by using tactics that attract the most number of people.

So…what are those tactics?

Studies have shown press releases are more commonly picked up by other publications when they include hard data. This might mean enticing graphs, charts or growth statistics. Anything that will say to a journalist, “There’s a deeper story here, and people are noticing.” Another important strategy is to get your timing right. If there’s a certain news peg you can attach to the press release, it will give the content more depth and importance for a larger piece.

What about small-business owners? How can they effectively use press releases to their advantage?

Remember: a press release should be newsworthy, and pertinent to the interests of your customer base. Sending out a press release just for the sake of sending out a press release is unlikely to net you a positive ROI. Small business owners should make a point of keeping their press releases relevant, and pegged to the reader. While there’s no guarantee a press release will be picked up by the media, chances are that a potential client will come across it, and want to learn more.

About the author: Janice Spellman

Janice is a Marketing Consultant at Speadmark. She has helped many businesses in Richmond and Washington DC grow through traditional and digital marketing and branding, using strategies that attract, engage, and convert.

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