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The most recognizable businesses have succeeded because of their owner’s ability to represent the products and services that they offer, and they leave a lasting impression. A company does not always need to be noticeable because of their owner, but it does help to be present and impressive when it comes to business matters and ventures.

One of the most important things to do to become the face of a business is to be memorable. Networking is extremely important when it comes to spreading the word about a company’s product or service.

However, if those that meet you cannot remember you or set you apart from any of the other entrepreneurs that they meet, the networking process will be useless. Anyone can go to an event and collect a handful of business cards not remember a thing about the individuals who gave them.

If you do not try hard to be recognized, those that you make connections with will not remember you or your conversation. There are specific and helpful tactics that you can use in order to set yourself apart from others and be memorable to those that you wish to make connections with.

Business cards are important when it comes to networking events and increasing word of mouth. However, they will only be beneficial if you know how to use them and if you use them as a token of a lasting impression.

Make sure that your card is professional but also has memorable traits that can help individuals remember where it came from. You can choose to include a small amount of business information, as well as personal contact numbers and emails.

If you are hoping that those who you connect with will follow up or give you referrals, it is imperative that you make use of an impressive business card. Those that are unsure about how to create a business card that is unique and different, should enlist the help of a graphic designer or marketing professional.

When it comes to networking events, make sure that you are distinctive. In other words, have something about you or do something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Most of the time, this can be done with your appearance; dress sharply, wear an interesting tie or piece of jewelry, or wear an enticing fragrance. Though you do not want to let these types of things define you as an individual and entrepreneur, they will definitely help when it comes to making an impression on those around you.

Special things about your appearance will be helpful in setting you apart from others around you. Even though some people can get away with it, try your best to not be outlandish.

Another way to really make an impression is to be fully present and aware when you are interacting with others, in other words communication. You should pay attention to: eye contact, listening, and responding effectively, these are all great ways to let the other individual know that you are really interested in what they have to say.

Others can usually tell when you are only “half there” or if you are faking your way through a conversation. Being really engaged and interested will definitely make them think twice about you in a good way. When you are conversing, ask questions that provoke opinion or thought, and be thoroughly interested in the answer.

Not only will this be impressive to those around you, but it will give you something to bring up in future conversations. Make sure that you are not being overbearing in the conversation, but also make sure that you are not saying enough.

There should be a healthy dose of listening and commentary; when you are part of a large group, make sure that others have a chance to share their opinions and ask questions, as well. It may seem like the best plan is to have all the attention on you, but this will only put others off and possibly cause them to make judgments about you, your tactics, and your personality.

When you talk about your business and services, include key words as opposed to lengthy explanations; they will be able to remember your location and products more accurately than how you created the item. It is extremely important to be respectful of others in the industry and have honest business dealings; that way, your company will be represented effectively and given the utmost respect by your colleagues.

About the author: Janice Spellman

Janice is a Marketing Consultant at Speadmark. She has helped many businesses in Richmond and Washington DC grow through traditional and digital marketing and branding, using strategies that attract, engage, and convert.

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